Friday, 29 May 2015

Biddle is 50!

Where have the years gone?  He was created in 1965 and as I could not afford the 7/6 (37p ish) to pay for him I asked my mum if she would pay as part of my 14th birthday presents. So he shares my birthday.

He has altered over the years, just as we all do. He has  had a couple of fur makeovers but his core inside remains the same.

He began wearing fashionable bows

especially at Christmas. But now has a rather large collection of knitted sweaters

including this one
and of course his scarf in Liverpool red.

He  loves cricket, football, holidays in Scotland, watching Le Tour. cake and chocolate, not necessarily in this order. He even has a facebook page. But doesnot understand twitter!

Here's to the next 50 years Biddle Bear Bear :)


Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday:)

Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Biddle!

Julie said...

Such a handsome chap he is....