Sunday, 15 March 2015

Latest makes

Last time I went to Texere I bought some Double Top carded cotton and I have made these two cloths
for the bathroom.
The latest weaving looks like this
The narrow band had sequins  so I am on tenterhooks in case when I take it  off the loom they have been crushed. I only thought about it as began winding it on.

My hat on a circular needle is progressing slowly. I have neglected it a bit because I have to watch the pattern so carefully.

I have also made new bathroom curtains but no photos yet.


middleangel said...

They all look so lovely. I wish I took after you xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

For some reason your image is not showing up on my iPad but it could be my end that is causing it because they have had some major outage on Internet. However when I tap on the blank space the images appear in a separate window. Love your spinning.

Julie said...

Fabulous weaving and great cloths.