Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where did February go?.

I know February is a short month but it seems to have whizzed past and is now almost gone.

I had some lovely gifts on Valentine's Day and a great card.

Some of my sewing cannot be shown yet but I made this cowl.

The yarn is Bergere de France Cocoon and the pattern was really easy which meant I could knit and watch television at the same time. I am still knitting a hat on a circular needle but because of other things it has been somewhat neglected.

Tia is looking at bit plump again. Since her visit to Teesside at Christmas she has had a small tin of meat added to her diet and although I have cut down on her dried food I think it shows. She is not an outside cat so she has been playing games inside.

This is some of her less strenuous exercise.


Julie said...

Tia is really sweet. When I was in the pet shop last week they had a laser torch to play with your cat, it shone a red laser mouse on the floor for them to chase.
Beautiful valentine goodies.

Linda Vincent said...

Ahhh, Tia is so cute......we have a laser light for Angel, its her fav toy. She races round the house after it like a crazy thing :-) She's still getting plump though (she prefers not to go out too)....her nickname is 'Dolly Dumpling', lol.
Love that Valentine card!