Friday, 16 January 2015

It's a bit chilly.

The weather has turned cold and there has been flurries of snow though nothing of note really but this was Wednesday; it did not last long.

However we can say we have had some unlike last year.

It has been an eventful month so far. My mum had a gas leak and thanks to kind neighbours that is being sorted out, my sister on Skye has had terrible weather and high winds and we have had a leak in our cellar which is probably caused by the rain. It is a mere seep but I seem to have become obsessed with it. A very nice man came and replaced the drain gulley but I have spent days running up and down the cellar steps to see if it is ok.

I have begun a new weaving and I am very pleased with how it looks so far.  I am using these yarns for the weft and a rather nice multicoloured one for the warp.

and I will post pictures when I have done a bit more.

 I had lots of sewing/knitting/craft related gifts this Christmas so I am going to be busy. I have not got a big project in mind yet.  The sewing machine is still asleep from her Christmas break so I am concentrating on weaving and knitting. My snowman is almost finished and just needs a scarf. I finally plucked up the courage to try the circular needles and so the band for my hat is progressing nicely. It will be double pointed needles next or crochet!

Tia is being lazy as usual.

I have started the reading project I mentioned and my first book is White Teeth by Zadie Smith. So far I am enjoying it. I have not chosen th esecond one for this month yet.

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Julie said...

Brrrr that looks a little chilly. Tia looks like she has the right idea to stay snuggly and warm
Looking forward to seeing your weaving.