Friday, 12 December 2014


We have a new tree this year. It was an impulse by back in October when we went to buy paint at B&Q! The previous tree had served us well since Christmas 1997 and over the years it had been easy to decorate because although it never looked exactly the same I knew  how it should look. This one is taller and slimmer and so it has taken me a while to put it together.
I am pleased with it even though it has no star at the top yet.

Mother Nature Winter is in her corner
and the snowmen are watching from across the room.
I made these hearts last year
and the stars are new. We still have to put the big X stitch picture above the fire place and hang the dangles. But we are nearly ready for santa. There was even a few flakes of snow today. Tia of course is not happy because she has been banned from the front room unless under supervision.


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful:) You're way ahead on me. I have my tree up but not decorated as yet. I let the cats take a look see. They totally ignored it. We'll see what happens when I put the decorations on.

Angie in T.O. said...

Lovely! I love all the snowmen! We'll have to exchange cards next year! (I think it's too late now)

Julie said...

You look all lovely and festive, a nice new tree.

Sally said...

Your new tree looks lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas.