Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stash and stuff

Last Thursday  John and I visisted the Knitting  and Stitching Show in Harrogate. We made the decision to go on one of the weekdays after the crush on the Saturday last year. It made such a difference and although some of the popular stalls still had a bit of a crowd it was so much better. I am afraid I was far too sensible this year and was not tempted by too many of the lovely things I saw.

So here is what I bought. It still came to a reasonable amount of cash though. I made the decision to buy a dangerous fabric cutting implement that really I  should not be allowed anywhere near and a 24 inch rule. These two items should not count really as I had intended to buy them online a couple of months ago and then never did. I was tempted by the book Here comes Winter as it as so many lovely thoings to make and plenty of snowman related projects. As you can see I have started using some of the yarn already as Biddle wants a new jumper to wear at Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was excited to see my name on the list of people who contributed to last year's appeal for people to knit woolly jumpers for the Le Tour
As it was an alphabetical list by first name I was on the last page. Many of the jumpers have been collected back in and washed and are being made into blankets.  However the visit could have been so different! We were waiting at the crossings outside the Harrogate International Centre, as we crossed the road on a greenman  as car drove straight in front of us. John grabbed me back in time. The driver was did not blink and drove on.

I have been busy knitting and have made two pairs of fingerless gloves from my stash from Yarndale.
Both patterns were easy but I  made hardwork of the pair  on the left because I kept misreading the pattern! I am a bit cross about the hat kit I  bought at Yarndale. I was all set to start that at the weekend. I cast on the stitches on the circular needle went to start the first round and realised that the stitches did not reach to the ends of the needles. The kit included 80cm length ones which are too long for the 114 stitches needed for the hat. So now I have to purchase shorter ones. I have seen some 60cm ones on line so will get those but it is a purchase I should not have to have made. I am not used to circular needles and my practise with DPNs did not go well. We shall see. If necessary I will knit it on normal needles and put up with a seam.

Various  bits of Christmas stitching are happening at the moment including finishing my snowman wall hanging. The new Christmas tree will go up next week.


Julie said...

Lovely goodies you came away from the show with.
I've just treated myself to a rotary cutter and ruler!
lovely fingerless...

Linda said...

I went to the show with Maggi a couple of years ago.....had a fantastic time, so very envious of your visit!

middleangel said...

Glad to hear you are not a squashed sister.

Where do you stash all your stuff!

Christmas wall hanging goes up on Monday xx