Saturday, 30 August 2014

Holiday week 2 ...

... was a bit unusual! We had planned a trip to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park but we were thwarted twice by the bus company who on Tuesday and Thursday  did not run the 10 03 or the 11 03 buses. The whole scenario was very strange as the driver drove into the bay to drop off the passengers on the Barnsley to Wakefield run (Wakefield is the terminus.) However did not pick up any Wakefield to Barnsley passengers but parked in the bus parking bay for half an hour, The buses at 10 35 11 35 do not go via YSP. I complained to the bus company but no reply. So I complained to Metro who oversee West Yorkshire Transport but they pass on complaint to.... the bus company. Oh well! So instead we found a local walk

On Wednesday we went to Malham. I had not been before.
We walked up the steps at the side to the limestone pavement at the top.
we sat and ate our lunch and looked at the wonderful view.

and  investigated the crevices

we then walked back down the steps which was much easy than the ascent.

Our final trip was to Manchester on Saturday.

 We had lunch at our favourite Chines restaurant. Watch the Manchester Pride Parade

We had coffee and cake at the Craft and Design centre and did a wee bit bit of shopping at Abakhan. I shall have to go back soon though as they were closing for four days for refurbishment and I am interested to see the new layout.

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Shashi Nayagam said...

You seem to be having a great time in spite of the bus travel hiccups. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures