Sunday, 13 July 2014

Two days at Le Tour part 2

 On Sunday we boarded the first available train to Mytholmroyd a small village near Hebden Bridge.
But not this colourful one on the other platform. We decided to get there as early as possible and walk up Crag Vale  to a good view point.

Everywhere was decorated in Tour colours

 The local school had made an excellent job
and this house wears a King of the Mountain jumper.
There was bunting everywhere and the word record for the length of bunting is now held by Crag Vale.
On the way we had ice cream from Ice cream creations

 There were flags and people lining the whole route
including Biddle who was very excited.

Helicopters flew overhead.

The commercial caravan went through and then after a long wait the seven man breakaway group.

Eventually the long awaited peleton came into view and flashed by in next to no time.

The team cars brought up the rear.

On the way back down someone said. " It's funny you wait so long for an event to happen and it's over in 30 seconds but it doesn't matter. It was great."  And it was, we walked a round trip up and back down of 14 km but it was worth every centimetre. Now I can relax and watch the rest on television.

Looking at the internet later we found our selves on this Yorkshire post photo linked here

 We are on right hand side just where the head of the peleton passes two people waving.

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Shashi Nayagam said...

You seemed to have had lots of fun