Friday, 6 June 2014

Four seasons

Way back in 2003 I did an online class with  Julie McCullough of Magic Threads. This was one of the  best things I ever did because over the last eleven years I have improved my skills and produced four Mother Nature dolls. When I made the first one  I had limited resources to  hand
but I was pleased with how she turned out.  In  2008 I made the second, Winter  and patiently sewed on  loads of beads
and it took quite a while!
The third one Spring was completed in 2011
and the final one of the series Summmer I have just finished.
The long gaps between the first ones reflect how little time I had for long stints and  making large projects.

The photography session is one of the only times they will be together for a chat. One, depending on the season, will always be on display in the front room and the others are upstairs. In a couple of years I might make a Christmas version.


Mary Ann said...

Fabulous! I think a Christmas one is a great idea:)

Soggibottom said...

All your dolls are fabulous :-) xxx