Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas decorations.

This year I did a straight Christmas ornament swap with Terri . This is what I made for her.

here is the back. It is much greener than it looks in th is photograph.

And here is the one she sent to me.
It is such a cute little bird.

The tree and decorations have been up a while but I had not got around to taking photos.

 We have a new angel on the mantle piece and a couple of new santas among the snowmen.
Every year we think we might replace the tree but never find anything as nice as this one in size or shape.

I have not made many new Christmas bits this year but did these last week.
They have a little bag of cloves inside.

Happy Christmas to everyone who has visited over the years. I know more people visit than just those who comment  :)


Terri M said...

Aaaww, you made my mama and baby birds look so fine on your tree! It was a fun exchange. :)

Mary Ann said...

Just now getting around to say season's greetings:) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day.

Angela said...

What a lovely swap between you and Terri