Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Catching up.

August and September are always busy months, what with the annual holiday and other days out. A couple of weeks ago we went to Yarndale. It was very crowded and I ony bought one ball of angora yarn and a pattern. I did not feel I could buy loads of expensive yarn that might sit in the stash for ages. But the alpacas were lovely
and the organisers had gone to a lot of trouble to decorate everywhere
I hope they run it again next year.
I have been trying to catch up with long term projects that are not quite UFOs
This has just needed backing for over a year now but is finally finished. Just before Christmas last year I started a winter hanging  (scroll down to end.) I carefully put it away for the festivities and then forgot where. I found it this week and so I am determined it will be hanging up this year.

I am full of good intentions at the moment like persevering with my guitar.  I bought it years ago and never got to grips with it. I had it strung left handed but the tutor books were too hard to follow because they were right handed. It was hard to tune too but over the summer discovered electronic tuning devices.  So now I have a guitar that is in tune. My son in law restrung it back to right handed and although it is not as easy to hold I can follow the tutor book and I have mastered a chord. I say mastered, I might not be able to do it tomorrow.

I thought blogger had spell check but it doesn't seem to be here now.

A couple of weeks ago it was John's birthday and Jaco took him for a walk in the park

We had very little rain in September (27mm) In the first two days of October we had 60mm. It has been quite warm the last few days but is due to turn colder on Thursday.


mrsnesbitt said...

Yes - turning colder on Thursday!

Mary Ann said...

Toady is very hot which is fine by me:) May it last a bit longer.

Sally said...

It has turned very cold now! The wind makes it so much worse. I'm determined not to put my heating on until November though!