Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Well summer has finally arrived and we have had several days of  hot weather. It has been so hot that the back door expanded and we could not open it without causing damage. Still we must not grumble because this time last year we had the  second flooding in the cellar.

This  little frog that has taken up residence in our allotment pond. We have only seen him/her the once.
But it was very exciting.

Everything is doing well at the allotment. We have had a couple of pea pods in the salad

and the broad beans will be ready soon. There are flowers on the runner beans too.
This was taken on Saturday and there were many more this morning when I went to water.
John is back at work but as he is still on quite a bit of pain. I am still fulfilling my allotment duties.

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Sally said...

It is rather warm isn't it. Cooler here on the coast but I don't mind that. It's just nice to see the sun.