Sunday, 14 April 2013

Allotment news

It has been a relatively quiet week and John went back to work on Tuesday. The weather has not been particularly kind and we hav enow swapped a cold icy breeze for warm gale force gusts.

On Saturday Biddle, Gardener Bunny and I went to the allotment to help with potato planting.

Although I think these two did more sitting than helping.

We have planted two varieties so far Pentland Javelin (earlies) and Anya (second earlies).

in these three trenches. The other varieties should be in the ground next weekend.

The garlic seems to be doing well.
These covers have now been moved and the pond uncovered
Hopefully over the coming weeks other things will be planted. It was lovely to hear all the birds singing and watch our pair of robins. However the best was saved until the afternoon at home when we watched Mrs Blackbird bathing in the birds water dish.


Mary Ann said...

It's lovely to see that you have started planting in your allotment. We are having a lovely day today for a change. The garden is still a bit boggy to walk on at the moment but it won't be long before we can start planting too:)

Indigo Blue said...

I have planted some seeds but nothing as organised as you have here. Best of luck with it all. I do hope the weather warms up soon.