Saturday, 16 March 2013

visits and birthdays

Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday. Libby and Steve came bringing gifts and the puppy.

I have been munching my way through the chocolate and drinking tea made in my one person teapot.

We took Jaco for a walk in the local park
 We saw signs of springs
Jaco investigated the bushes. He was a well behaved boy. Several people have mentioned they don't like Jack Russels but as someone who is not a fan of dogs usually I think he is rather nice.

On Monday it was Moriarty's birthday. he was treated to some snow

not very much just an icing sugar covering.
Then there were chocolate buns
made by Libby. And for tea curry but we forgot to take a photo.


Mary Ann said...

My friend has a Jack Russel that's very well behaved when she wants to be....LOL She's a lot smarter than us humans sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely day. Happy Mother's Day. :)