Friday, 1 February 2013

Bits and pieces

Last Friday evening the weather took a turn for the worst and this arrived over night
The thrush enjoyed a feast of meal worms

and kept his feet out of the snow for a while.
it was much wetter snow then the first lot and by Sunday it had almost gone when the rain set in.

We have had mixed weather all week with high winds on Thursday. It was a traumatic time for the robin. After I took this photo he sheltered deep in a leafless bush until the wind died down for a few minutes.

Along time ago my daughter stitched the LizzieKate months of the year series.  Christmas two years ago I brought back with me the finished pieces to make into a wall hanging. Over that summer I could not decide what fabric to use and so they got stuck in the to do pile and forgotten about. Then last summer I decided it was time I trimmed them all to the same size and tacked a stitching line around them all.  Then what with one thing and another they were left again. So I made it my mission to finish them after Christmas.  I finally decided on plain pink fabric as it did not detract  from the designs but was not too bland. This is the result.
I was pleased with it.

My second finish of the year is this

 I bought the yarn and pattern at Texere. It was knitted using two strands (merlot and rust)on 7.5mm needles
and the lining was a remnant from Boyes.

Here is the almost finished item

I have decided to  make a loop to fasten it with a button. I am very pleased with the result.


Shari said...

wow, you had a lot of snow in those pictures, but like here, it sounds like your weather changed quickly. We have had such odd weather. One day, it was 60 plus degrees, the next day, barely in the teens.
The wall hanging looks great, as does the purse finish!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Very pretty Wendy

Denise Nesbitt said...

LOVE the bag!

Anonymous said...

Cute finishes! I *love* the purse. :)The Lizzie Kate wall hanging reminds me of a doll quilt my mother and I made for my niece so many years ago. I did the stitching, she did the sewing. :)