Thursday, 4 October 2012

livestock produce and ...

rain again.  But not too much luckily. The cellar dried out quickly from the heavy rain last week.
We have had loads of gold finches lately just a couple on the feeder here
But one morning I counted 19 on the telegraph wires. I think that is the most I have seen in one go. They seem to like the wet weather and are often out feeding in a shower.

Mousie was about too. The neighbour cats seem to know he is around and I am surprised he has lasted this long.
I like to think he is the same one.

John has grown cucumbers this year and very tasty it was too.

The other weekend we went down to Centenary Square for the curry festival some children were playing in the mirror pool

On a warm sunny afternoon it is full.

Tia has been up to no good! This was meant to be hanging on the door knob.

John left it for me to see the evidence.


Angela said...

I love Goldfinches but ours seem to have disappeared. I am growing some Teazels as they are suppose to like the seed heads.
I had a Red Kite swoop in front of the car on the way to Inverness yesterday....then I saw a dead Badger on the road so I guess that was lunch. Bet that cucumber was crunchy. Hope mousie lives to fight another day xx

Soggibottom said...

Fine monkeys indeed :-) ha ha, not half as good looking as that cucumber, how on earth do you get them to grow so straight ?
Love the goldfinches too.
:-) X X X

Sally said...

We've had Goldfinches this year too and they've had babies. It was lovely watching them being fed the other day but I bet they are getting cold now, bless them.