Friday, 16 December 2011

busy busy

It has been a busy week one way and another. Lots of bits and pieces to finish, presents to wrap and a few still to buy. As all the swap ornaments had been received I made the executive decision that we could open our ornaments early.
This what I made for Carmen

And here is the beautiful bauble I received from Renee

It came in a cute little bag wit two sachets to make a spicy Christmas drink

The bauble is part cross stitch and partly beaded.

A friend asked me to make a stocking for her daughter

I already had a stocking cut out so incorporated her love of purple in the fairy's dress. I lovingly blanket stitched around the figure and chain stitched her name. I quite enjoy blanket stitching.
We have had a bit of snow, nothing too drastic

A couple of weekends ago we visited the Saltaire Christmas fair. There were some lovely handcrafted things to buy. I was drawn towards this little tree. there were others in traditional green or white.But for some reason this BLUE one called out to me!

if you know me well you will also know I never buy blue things! The lady on the stall was lovely and I also bought a bag from her But no photo of that yet. The fair was earlier in the month than last year and I also managed to find a few gifts.

Our Christmas decorations are all up including the festive cats

and the new fairy I am still looking out for a suitable collar for her dress.

(edit) I have changed the photo I suddenly realised that it might be possible to read the address on the card in the background.

The postman brought surprises for Tia and me yesterday but I have hidden them away until Christmas (so no peeking). They came all the way from Devon.

On Wednesday I went to Huddersfield in the afternoon and visited a very nice little yarn shop. needless to say I bought some yarn. I was meant to go last time I went to Hudderfield but google gave me the wrong address and I didn't find it. When I enquired in the fabric shop in the market the told me the only yarn seller in Huddersfield was the one in the market. Later I meant John and after a very nice meal at Ciao Bella we went to see Kate Rusby
at the town hall. As usual she was wonderful, despite having a bit of a croaky cold. I have just seen that the next two dates were cancelled due to Kate losing her voice.

Still a few festive jobs to due. Biddle is pleased he might actually get a new jumper before Christmas this year.

The blog draw snowman is on his way to his new home I hope he arrives soon.

Thanks for reading.


Mary Ann said...

Isn't that funny that you bought the blue tree as I was noticing yesterday that there are so many blue decorations around this year. Even our neighbour up the road has put up blue Christmas lights outside which look lovely or will if we ever get any snow. It's been raining here. We even had a thunderstorm lightening and all yesterday.

Sally said...

Love your blue tree! Gorgeous ornaments too.

We didn't get the snow. I was so disappointed!

Soggibottom said...

Opps, you don't like blue :-) :-) :-) HA HA :-) not blue I promise :-)
Merry Christmas busy lady :-) XXX

Renee said...

I love that blue tree! Of course blue is my favorite color though! HA! I love the ornament you stitched for Carmen! It turned out great!! I'm so glad you like the ornament I stitched for you! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Pumpkin said...

Look at all the goodies!

I had my birds up again this year and got lots of wonderful comments on them ;o)