Friday, 28 October 2011

half term

I cheated and had two weeks off. The some of the children I tutor had a residential week away. The time has flown by and I did not get half the stuff done I wanted too. I spent time playing silly games on the computer I expect. Despite that the jumper is ready to sew up

Christmas fairy needs a few more embellishments and is shopping for a wand.

I have finished stitching the Christmas ornament not photos it is secret!

John has had some time off this week so we went for an Autumn walk

it was part of the same walk as last year but a different route

The trees are beginning to turn

Biddle climbed a tree

for a better view

gardener Bunny found a fairy house

and worried this might be a shark

At the end of the walk we stopped to finish our coffee at a picnic table this little chap was too late to have a piece of roll

We walked in to Ilkley and had a look around the shops. There is a yarn shop but I am not convinced it also does some sort of creative classes and the yarn part customers seemed a bit neglected. It might be that both times I have visited it was half term and the staff were concentrating on the children there for the painting. So I did not loiter. I like to clearly see how much I am paying for a ball of yarn but the prices were displayed on a laminated sheet attached to the wall.

We did have coffee and scones later on though. (with cream) I bought two perfect buttons for the jumper in Duttons for Buttons.

We have a new washing machine

The old one lasted over 14 years but was on its last legs. The new one is cold fill only and is meant to be "green" we shall see. It is very quiet.

Thanks if you stopped by leave a message so I know you came


Jennyta said...

I think mine is on its way out. It keeps clanking very susliciously.

mumzy said...

This is a really good time of the year for a walk. However, here, we just got a snow storm yesterday and also our leaves are mostly gone so not so pretty.

Soggibottom said...

Good to see you back :-)
Another who has been so productive, so much to do and so little time as always :-) Your new best friend looks very dapper and white.:-)
Some beautiful photo's on here again :-)X X X

Sally said...

Glad you had a good half term:) Lovely photos. I love the trees as they're turning.

Pumpkin said...

Your fairy is looking lovely :o)

Congrats on your new washing machine. The front loaders are great!