Saturday, 11 June 2011

Don't Panic

Last week I logged on here to find nothing except a notice saying I no longer existed. or rather my blog didn't. After further investigations I discovered my google account was suspended due to some activity. I was about to go out to have my eyes tested so had to sort it out when I came home. I was concerned because the blog is a way of looking back over the years at what I have been up to. It is amazing how quickly we forget things. Any how as you can see all is well. I put my mobile phone number into a help page on google, they sent me a code and everything came back phew! I have no idea what the unusual activity had been.
Last week seemed very short due to the bank holiday and John being off on Tuesday too. I took an unexpected trip to Leeds to take some documents to the teaching agency. It was cheaper to go on the bus than send them special delivery. When we first moved here I used to enjoy going to Leeds because there were some lovely individual shops. Sadly like everywhere else, they have disappeared over the years.
The school I work at has had a two week spring bank so I have been catching up on things that did not get done last week. Biddle finally has his birthday jumper

I have planted out some bedding plants and the bees have been busy. I don't know what this plant is but as it is everywhere it is probable a weed.

However it is pretty and the bees like it which is the important thing.
Yesterday I went to collect my new glasses. Two pairs so I can swap. Usually I get a everyday, wear all the time pair and a pair to use on the computer. My computer had not changed much hence the two pairs for everyday.

The green and black pair are very similar the to my previous ones. There was not a brilliant choice in the price range I could afford. Some looked too trendy, others did not suit me. So I can now see better than I could. The question is of course for how long? Afterwards I went to have my hair cut so at the moment I look quite smart!

I am sewing a secret so it cannot be seen.

Thanks for popping by


Mary Ann said...

I have the same purple weeds in my garden too:) I quite like them.

Sally said...

Glad you got your blog back Wendy:)