Thursday, 16 September 2010

busy busy busy...

...and back to work this week which I have enjoyed so far. The new pupils seem keen to learn and like the undivided attention.

We finally have some red tomatoes. They are taking ages to ripen probably because it has been cloudy and the last few days it has rained.

Do you remember the lonely raspberry back when we first took on this allotment. Well on Sunday we made the decision to pull out all the old raspberry canes and start again so in front of the shed now looks like this:

It all now needs a good dig over and a bit of research on raspberry and soft fruit growing.
We have a glass free green house at the moment.

It is in a bad state of repair and so John has begun some renovations as I do not think the birthday fairy or Santa can conjure up a new one. This will involve wood hardener,filler and some new wood in places. The shed is a mish-mash of repairs and recycling.
Gardener Bunny is pleased with the cabbage

We took down the netting but then along came a cabbage white butterfly so we put some more up with a bit more growing space. Gardener bun had a little bounce to make sure it was secure.

I finally started knitting my scrummy yarn. There should be just enough for a pair of fingerless gloves like these
scroll down the page to see the photo of a complete one.

I love this colour and it is much brighter in real life. I wear my others all the time once the cold weather starts and unless it is really cold having warm wrists and palms keeps my fingers from going numb.

At the weekend I spent sometime stuffing but had to replace the upper legs of my sprite because the fabric was fraying and pulling away at the seam. I am disappointed because it was a good colour. However I was not surprised as it was a very loosely woven one. I hope to show some progress soon at the moment I have almost stuffed body parts. It is astonishing how much stuffing fits in a little arm. I buy my stuffing on line in bulk and the last lot was different to what I usually buy. I have discovered it is too lumpy for textile dolls. So it was lucky that I had some of the old left. I think I might be making large cushions out of the new lot.

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Lisa said...

You've been very busy! Your tomatoes look wonderful. As does the cabbage. I hope you have a sunny weekend.

Sally said...

Looks like you've been very busy Wendy. I don't think the weather is going to be very good the first half of the week but hoepfully it will improve.

Love the wool you're using. It's a lovely colour.

Caroline B said...

Back to work for me too in a new class with a new little boy to look after - summer hols seem so far away already!
Our red tomatoes were a bit meagre this year but we had loads of little yellow ones!

Pumpkin said...

Look at that cabbage!

You and John are doing a wonderful job with your allotment :o)

I like the color of your yarn.