Thursday, 20 May 2010

Its warming up

but for how long? At the moment the temperature is well above the average for May and this looks as if it will continue over the weekend. Looking back over the records I noticed that early May last year was not over warm either. The difference was that the nights were not quite so extremely cold.

As predicted we feasted on salad leaves on Sunday and Monday I felt like
Alys Fowler as I cut Monday's portion. Although I enjoyed the tv programme that accompanied this book she did rather irritate me at times. The dog was cute though! If you know me you will realised that is unusual as I am not enamoured of dogs as a race.

There was great excitement earlier in the week as we had new birds on the bedroom window feeders. A quick check in the bird confirmed my suspicion that they were greenfinches. John took some great photographs the following day

They have been back since so I am hoping they will be regular visitors. Tia is being driven mad by pigeons. They sit on the railings and she watches them from the front room window. They seem to think the other birds are dropping bits especially for them.

John was disappointed to find that the newly planted caulis at the allotment had been stripped of their leaves by ... slugs? All that wild vegetation around and they have to have the plants.

My fish hanging is almost finished it needs embellishments. The Easter one awaits a bunny for the spare corner. Grace is cross because her cardigan is not finished. I keep telling her she will have to remonstrate with Tia.

Next Thursday Biddle and I have a birthday. We are both getting far too old and so will commiserate with coffee and cake.


Lisa said...

Greenfinches! We only have regular reddish ones and gold. John got some great photos of your new visitors.

Your salad bunch looks lovely.

Sally said...

How wonderful to see new birds! I love watching the birds in our garden.

It looks like it's going to come cold again next week :( let's hope they've got it wrong.

Pumpkin said...

Loved the video and pictures of the birds! They are like our gold finches (they're yellow). We were getting woodpeckers at our feeder but this morning I found it on the ground :o( I think the raccoons got to it.

I know you have a birthday coming up! :o)

Shari said...

love the bird pictures. They are so fun to watch & feed. Reminds me! I need to fill a feeder again!!!! they love the sunflower seeds that I put out.
Happy Birthday this week! Hope it is a great day for you & you get to do all that you enjoy on your special day!

mumzy said...

Really enjoyed the photos of the green finches. In Eastern Canada, we have the gold finches and purple finches. I would love to have your green ones.

Angie in TO said...

It's been unseasonably warm here too. Glad we got central air installed last month! Love the Green Finches! Not sure if we have them over here, will have to look into it.

soggibottom said...

Thanks Wendy... we can never keep our birds still enough.... how do you do it ?
Nut !
x x x