Thursday, 17 December 2009

wrecked tree ,bad puss

All my tree decorating efforts were wrecked last night by a very naughty puss. She had only just been allowed in the front room. I had the door shut all day and just opened it when John came in from work! No pictures of the tree lying on the ground but here is the debris.

I have had cats for over forty years and none of them have ever pulled the tree over. They are usually content with patting a few baubles. We think Tia must have got a claw caught. Well I have managed to put it all back together again. I did think I would have to start from scratch but once it was put back in place did not look as bad as I first thought so here is the new version.

She looks totally innocent now

sitting on her chair in the kitchen being warmed by the gas fire.

The school term finishes tomorrow, though I haven't worked this week. I am pleased with what I have done and although the future for supply does not look great I have some work coming in next term.

This week again has involved secret making but just to prove I have done something here is an update on Grace's jumper

The weather has stayed cold and we have a few flakes of snow but it looks like the main lots will miss us as usual.

I hope to post again before Christmas but incase I don't I wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank you for coming by.


mumzy said...

Are you sure it was Tia who did that or maybe it was a ghost. Tia looks pretty innocent to me.

soggibottom said...

No catnip mice for puss this year then!

Your tree still looks beautiful, first time was a practise run for the real thing....looks GREAT x x x

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh dear naughty puss. But as you say the tree looks ok except that perhaps you lost a few baubles? Our cat used to like to climb up to the top we had to keep scolding her and eventually she stopped.

Shari said...

naughty kitty!!!! Glad you were able to get the tree set back up & not much trouble!!

Irene said...

The tree still looks great !

Sally said...

Oh dear naughty puss! We used to have to put our tree well behind a chair to keep our dog off it!

Jackie said...

I got my decorations out yesterday and went back upstairs. I heard an almighty racket and saw my cat making merry with the whole box tipped up all over the hall floor.
They just love it don't they.