Saturday, 18 April 2009

bees bears....

I don't seem to have achieved very much this holiday. Probably because I gave up three mornings for tutoring and by the time I got home and organised the afternoon was well on the way to teatime.
This Easter I had chocolate which was very nice but others nearly got their furry paws on it.

We managed to get the backyard tidied up over the holiday and I took a little video of a busy bee

I have been making a new doll. She is coming along well but has no clothes on at the moment so she did not want to be photographed. I need to find some yarn to make her hair I did not have any luck when shopping on Saturday. She is a pattern I have not used before from Waltzing with Bears
This particular pattern does not seem to be stocked any more but it will give an idea of the style.

Mine will not be so "primitive" because I like neatened edges. She is similar to Hollyhock Angel on the sale page.
Talking of neatening, I was wondering how much neatening other sewers do on their dolls' clothes. I always sew hems just as I would on clothes for myself or children. But I don't usually neaten the seams as I would on my clothes ( I do feel guilty about that) on the art dolls. But clothing that is going to be taken on and off dolls by children playing I do or use the pinking shears. Usually parts of craft items which instructions suggest could be sewn or glued I always sew. I like to treat my little clothing in the same way as the full size.

Grace is wearing her new skirt

she is very pleased how well it goes with her latest cardigan. Next on the agenda is a new dress and pinafore she has got her eye on.

Last year I was working on the Olde Chocolate Shoppe and its been sadly neglected, i got it ot during the week and it's now languishing on the couch awaiting its first stitches in many a month

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Lisa said...

Grace's skirt is lovely! I think it is just wonderful that you craft and sew. I wish I had the talent for such things.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy, buzzy, busy bee! I enjoyed this post a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.