Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A quiet time...

... nothing much has happened really. Monday I went to the job centre on Tuesday I visited a school but I have no chance of getting the job. There was a candidate looking around and she acted as if she already had it. The interviews are not for another two weeks! I can never compete against the young and confident, that know all the jargon and are a whizz with modern technology. I posted the application form anyway and we shall see. No sign of any work and it seems on with one agency I was blocked as unavailable today but I was up and ready to go (well almost).

We did the bird survey on Sunday and had several sparrows the usual collared doves two starlings and a blue tit. The blackbird and robin didn't come though. But we have seen them this week. The robin is distinctive because he has a white horizontal strip across his chest. The blackbird brought his mate and while she was busy in the seed tray he spent a considerable amount of time tugging at a very fat juicy looking worm.

I have done very little in the way of creativity this week, finished the back of a bear's jumper and put a few crosses in a piece I am working on. I have made a first attempt at my story character challenge doll, all her body parts are made and need to be stuffed. She is very basic but I have drawn the pattern parts my self. I am not sure about her head though. that might need some work. The biggest challenge will be her clothes because I will have to skim read the book to see what she is supposed to wear!

We went to town on Saturday. John bought a new rucksack and Biddle has been trying it out ready for the walking season.

Tia has been up to her tricks

What is not obvious unless you know our house is that she is sat at the top of the stairs and quite often practices Olga Korbut style along the length of the landing. One day she will miss her step, fall, but hopefully land on all fours halfway up the stairs

I never manage to take a good photo because she ends up walking towards me and is too close.

Thanks for the comments last time especially abut the papercrafting.


Angie in TO said...

Doesn't sound too quiet, sounds like you've been busy.

Always love to connect with a fellow birder.

Your kitty and my kitty could be twins! I will have to post a picture of Meadow on my blog for you to see.

Take care, I will send some positive thoughts across the pond regarding the job front, I image that can be tough. Keep your chin up.

Lisa said...

Oooh. Job hunting can be so frustrating. I hope that you find a good match for you soon.

The cat is beautiful! Good thing she's sure-footed.

Sally said...

I hope you manage to get some work soon. I honestly think that sometimes the young and confident are not as good as someone with years of experience. My DD is finding it hard to adjust to her new Chemistry teacher as his methods are so different to the other teacher she had who had many years experience. Being a 6th former she and her classmates were able to speak up.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Thank you so much for your comments Wendy. I am sorry to hear about your job situation. This seems to be the situation amongst a lot of people now a days. It is really not good out there. However I do hope you will get something soon.
Your note books look very nice.
I am looking forward to seeing the challenge dolls of everyone. It will be very interesting.
I would have loved to take part but I know with my house situation I will never finish it in time.

Woman Called Joyce said...

Wendy, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your frustrations about job searching. I've been sending out resumes and doing interviews for weeks now, and nothing. It's hard to stay positive when those rejection letters arrive in the mail box. But, we must believe that something will open up soon. :) And I love your kitty!