Wednesday, 12 November 2008

its Wednesday again... work this Wednesday. But a phone call and some pre booked work for 2 1/2 days and one whole. The first pre-booked work this term. Even the agency admitted it is quiet.
I had forgotten all about this little chap I finished stitching in the summer. I will not be going to Harrogate this November. Cannot really justify buying stash when I haven't earned much. So I have finished him like this instead of buying a frame. The fabric I bought at the Harrogate show several years ago.

The back looks like this

I have been busy this week with secret stitching and catching up on a few things. I have also made a couple of Christmas cards.

Tia had a mishap the other night. I wont go into details except to say it involved a litter tray she didn't realise was clean, a load of extra washing, a duvet dumped in the wheelie bin. Oh and John and I sleeping one night on the sofa bed. I blamed my self for being tardy with emptying the tray. I think she has forgiven me.

I am sitting up here with the sun coming through the window which is a welcome sight after the rain and wind of the last couple of days.

Most of what I make nowadays is for pleasure but the most useful item I have made for years are these

I posted about them in January 2007 but didn't realise then how warm and wonderful they would prove to be. Although they don't covered the fingers it is amazing how warm my hands keep by having warm wrists. I live in them and I must make some more.

Twelve more days to my blogversary I can't believe I started this two years ago.

Once again many thanks if you leave a message.


Anonymous said...

Your snowman finish is very cute!! I keep thinking I'm going to try those wrist warmers ... ok, someday! *lol*

Milly~ said...

Your snowman finish is so awesome Wendy. What a cutie.

Irene said...

Great finish on the snowman !

Sally said...

Your snowman looks brilliant! So cute!

I love your wrist warmers.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I totally love that you've framed the Rainbow Fish.

Renee said...

Your snowman looks AWESOME!!! Great job finishing it too! I love your wrist warmers! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I just tagged you to share 6 random things about yourself. You can find the rules and such on my blog. :o)

katelnorth said...

cute snowman - and thanks for stopping by and leaving birthday wishes!