Thursday, 2 October 2008

In 47 years using a sewing machine...

... I had never sewn my finger ... until yesterday! I had decided to be positive and have had in my head for a few days an autumn wall hanging. I found a lovely background fabric. Collected a few leaves from outside to draw around and a selection of fabrics suitable for autumn leaves.
The problem came when I filled the bobbin on the machine and drawing the underneath thread through. As I grabbed for the thread for some reason my foot hit the pedal and the needle went into my finger.
It (the needle) broke and my first thought was where is the broken part? Luckily it was still attached to thread not embedded in my finger.

With blood dripping everywhere I went in search of plasters. It's the first finger of my left hand which is mighty inconvenient because I am left-handed.

Later I did manage to do a bit of sewing. I am not using bonda web as I had run out and the new supply has not arrived yet. Talking of bonda web I can't find it in shops anywhere except occasionally in small quantities.

There is still no sign of any work so I have signed up with another teaching agency to see if this helps at all. The shortage of works seems partly because teachers are not getting poorly yet but more worryingly the use of non teaching staff being used for cover. Having been a teaching assistant I don't think I would want the responsibility for a whole class with no support.

It has turned really cold here and has been quite wet and windy. But the sun is out today.

The nasturtiums are coming to an end but it has been nice to see the bees out and about in the sun.


Irene said...

OUCH ! That must have hurt, hope the finger is too bad.

Sally said...

That sounds painful. I hope your finger heals quickly.

Terri M said...

Ow! Ow, ow!! I hope the new agency gets you some work soon.

I tried emailing you, but you bounced. :o( And now, I'm my Wordpress ID isn't being recognized. Waaaahhh!

WendyCarole said...

we haven't had email for days it seems to be trickling through now

~ Toni ~ said...

Ouch! So glad that the broken tip did not stay in your finger. Good luck with the other agency. Stay safe and happy sewing.

Pumpkin said...

Oh, ow, ow, ow!!!! I would have fainted at the sight of blood in that instance :oS I hope it gets better soon.

I'm sorry to hear that there still is no work for you :o( That must be very difficult. ((((HUGS))))

Renee said...

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!!!!! Hope your finger is healing quickly!

Praying you get more work soon!