Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday again

Another week has gone by. No sign of any work for this week and nothing prebooked for next. Its always slow this time of year so I am not panicking yet!

It has meant that I have been able to get on with more exciting things. I have completed a piece for a Christmas swap (can't show this yet) and my advent calendar is almost done, just needs some quilting.

I am pleased with how it has turned out. The tabs to carry the dowel proved easy than I thought they would be.

I have been tidying the pots and plants in the garden and found these little chaps munching away

They are somewhat late this year.

I am well on the way to finishing a nasturtium for a swap iam participating in. But have to buy a skein of floss. Why is it with all the floss I have one always eludes me.

I need new glasses and I have been playing on the spec savers site to can upload a photo of yourself and see how you look in a new pair. It was great fun ( I am easily pleased, must be spending too much time on my own). I have to have bifocals so I can see and read, but need reading glasses for the computer. Otherwise I get a pain in my neck. Lately it has more and more difficult to thread needles. And even my normal vision doesn't seem as good. I am longsighted so I can see "miles"down the road but nothing up close. So I shall have to go and make the appointment sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is hair cut day!


Anonymous said...

Cute advent calendar!

I'm always short a color, too. I swear the LNS's and designers just *know*! Then they get us shopping,and you can't get just a skein of floss, can you? LOL

Sally said...

Your advent calendar is lovely:)

I've just got new reading glasses today. They feel really strange at the moment!

Pumpkin said...

Your advent calendar is beautiful Wendy! Nice job :o)