Friday, 3 August 2007

Better late than...

... never. I don't seem to have had much time to blog lately. I have been busy making a witch for my niece. She (witch) can't be seen yet as she is a present for Heather's birthday. Biddle has a new jumper and is very pleased. But he wants a mac for his holidays and I haven't sorted that out yet.

The garden is looking good despite the weather. it seems the new garden seat put a jinx on it because ever since we bought it, its rained. It seems that late July brought the sun and I managed to get sunburnt on Sunday.

I have just spent a few days with Libby and Steve on Teesside and we went to visit this amazing

We also visited
Wallington Hall
There are some fantastic tapestries and a collection of doll houses.
The gardens are open throughout the year

I now have a week to catch up with some sewing and stuff for school before John and I start our summer holidays. So I am hoping that the weather stays fine through August

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