Monday, 22 January 2007


No work for ages then a week load comes along. That's the nature of supply teaching. I am not overkeen on it especially that phone call in the morning and then dashing off. But last week I had 41/2 days at the same school so it wasn't too bad.
So Winterberry button was left hanging ( or rather not hanging because haven't fixed the rings on the back yet!) But I have finished it as a wall hanging and I am rather pleased with it, chose navy blue fabric to bring out the lettering.

I have also finished a square I was doing for a stitching friend. I was pleased with that too and its now wending its way across the sea to the USA. I fished out a snowman to work on last night and can't find two of the threads I know I had them because they are the only two I have stitched with. Bet if I order two more they will turn up.! I have snowmen aplenty to stitch and will do those in between the Drawn thread game board SAL and other stuff. Two dolls are coming along nicely one for me and one for my daughter.

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Pat's Speaks said...

I saw your blog on the Bent Creek emails. and I decided to check it out. I LOVE the picture (1/21) of the alphabet and 3 snowman. I have been looking for that one - do you know that name - thanks a bunch