Thursday, 2 June 2016

Where has the year gone.

I haven't posted anything here since the beginning of March.  Now it is June but you wouldn't know it. The weather is more like late Autumn. It is freezing cold mainly because of the icy wind and the sun seems to have gone on holiday.

However last Saturday we had a nice trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as a birthday treat.

 coffee time before we start
 watching the lambs
The highlight of the day was sitting in the hide heron watching.

We saw some great sculptures

 You can see how big they were

This was my favourite of the KAWS exhibits although I did like the rabbit too.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


it is Spring
 so of course this happened
 March began yesterday with a "warm" 9 degrees centigrade but today we woke up to snow.
However there are hints of Spring

And Mr Blackbird came to stock up on food.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cat v Magpie

 A cat climbed up the tree to get a magpie.
 She didn't have much luck because the magpie  called on re-enforcements

They teased her for ages then flew off. 1-0 to magpies.

We have lots of birds today because the weather has turned chilly.

Managed to photograph a few of them.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

She is coming along nicely

 Excuse the clutter
The skirt is made from strips of Christmassy fabric, red with  gold trees and white with different colour stars. I have stitched them around the waist and to begin with expected to trim them so that the tree trunk was in full view.

 Most of the leaves were stitched over the body  and I made extra holly leaves to cover her ample bosom

I made smaller holly leaves for her headdress and sculpt her face

and now she looks like this.

As the skirt was thin gauzy fabric the tree trunk shows through quite nicely and so I have left the strips longer than on the other versions I have made.

She is by no means finished but some of her added embellishments will wait until Christmas.

The pattern is by Julie McCullough of Magic Threads and was an online class in 2003.