Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where did February go?.

I know February is a short month but it seems to have whizzed past and is now almost gone.

I had some lovely gifts on Valentine's Day and a great card.

Some of my sewing cannot be shown yet but I made this cowl.

The yarn is Bergere de France Cocoon and the pattern was really easy which meant I could knit and watch television at the same time. I am still knitting a hat on a circular needle but because of other things it has been somewhat neglected.

Tia is looking at bit plump again. Since her visit to Teesside at Christmas she has had a small tin of meat added to her diet and although I have cut down on her dried food I think it shows. She is not an outside cat so she has been playing games inside.

This is some of her less strenuous exercise.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


A week has gone already. It is a little bit warmer but a small scattering of snow lasted almost a week due to the low temperatures.
Yesterday John and I went to the allotment.  I have not been for months so I took a few photos.

There is still some snow by the pond

The bird feeders had fallen down and needed fixing back up.

The last of the Brussel Sprouts need pulling out and the ground made ready for new planting.

 The garlic planted back in the Autumn is coming through.
and we have plenty of leeks to put in a stew.

John also dug up the last of the parsnips

Before we went out we saw this little chap in the garden

At first I thought he was a sparrow but looking closer I noticed he has a much finer beak and is much sleeker. I have an idea what he might be but if you know please leave a comment. If you click on the photograph  you can get a better view.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Snow is back.

 The robin came
 and the thrush feasted on  red berries.

and the black beaked blackbird waited patiently.

The snow was settling so quickly that two lots of food got covered up before they could stock up on meal worms and suet pellets.
The starlings were waiting to raid the window feeders.

There is one thing missing this year:

all we have is a yawning gap!

I miss it and so do the birds.