Monday, 24 October 2016

A little bit of success

I am a retired 65 year old and one of the benefits is having much more time to sew, knit and do all those other things I did not have time as a teacher. I have been sewing and knitting since I was very small. However I never learnt to crochet, initially this was probably because my mum didn't and my crocheting nana died when I was seven. In my 20s a neighbour tried but I could not come to grips with it and as I could do other things it was no great loss. Over the last few years crochet has become more fashionable and a main part of Yarndale. A couple of years ago I bought a book that was easy to follow but the fear of failure was too great so I could always find an excuse. This knitting needs finishing, these bits need sewing etc.

So I set myself a challenge I would learn one crochet stitch before Yarndale  out came my book Rowan Crochet workshop  and I gave it a go. The photographs were a great help and by the time Yarndale Saturday arrived I could just about manage a couple of rows of double crochet. My breakthrough came at Yarndale where I came across the Beautiful Things stall. After a good chat to Claire I treated myself to a semi virtual course. This was the best thing I have done for a long time.
At first I was all fingers and thumbs and I could not hold the hook or yarn quite how Claire suggests in the video but practise as they say makes perfect or in my case helps a great deal.

So here we are this is how far I have got

My long practice chain which helped me get used to holding the yarn and hook.
 My first attempt at dc. The first few rows had been done as part of the course kit
 My first attempts at chaining 10 and doing the foundation row
 Three samples of dc
 and now I have a sample of half treble which did cause me some hassle to start with. This was because I was not starting in the correct place. I think I am almost ready to learn the treble stitch.
Claire's video is really clear and easy to understand. I have already ordered the next course.

Now I just have to stop myself from stressing about not learning years ago

Saturday, 15 October 2016

A long absence

I cannot quite imagine where all the time has gone since my last post. we had a lovely holiday as usual in Dumfries and Galloway with only one wet day. That meant we were able to explore the town of Dumfries. We usually only see the station and then the ride through town on the bus to Gatehouse.

We learnt a lot about Robert Burns. But my favourite museum was The Old Bridge Museum which had a dental surgery with equipment not too dissimilar to a modern one. We spent two of our days walking. Cairnsmoor was a bit of a challenge and sadly I didn't accomplish it, gave up before the top.

This is as far as we got. There was a bit of a time factor as we had to get back to the main road for the bus. I think Biddle and John might have carried on if I had not been there!
The second week we visited Morecambe for the day, Lytham St Anne's and Skipton.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

It's finally warmed up

We have had a couple of really warm days. They have been very welcomed. The flowers in the garden this year has been most disappointing. I think it is mainly due to the weather but also most of the pots need their soil replacing despite me adding feed to the watering every week.

 The cornflower I grew from seed in the greenhouse. So I am quite pleased with that.
 The geraniums are finally in flower.
 And everything is looking a bit more colourful
 The first sweet pea was white. These are very late this year. Last year I had already picked several bunches by mid July.
 But I am pleased with the tomatoes. They are a variety with small fruit.

Yesterday afternoon it reached 30C+ in the back and a neighbours cat took advantage of the little bit of shade by the wall. Luckily she did not squash the self seeded borage plant growing in the crack between two flags.

Friday, 1 July 2016

I have not done very well!

Almost a month has past since my attempt to get back into blogging.
But I have made this
 Most of the fabrics and the buttons were a gift last from my sister last year.

The elephant print I bought on a trip to Lancaster.
My present project involves  cross stitches pieces from a swap way back in 2002/3 that I have finally trimmed and they are now being made into a hanging. I have had a bit of bother trying to cut them all the same size. (no photos yet)

The weather has been cold for late June / early July but this little chap visited last week.
He is a pied wagtail and we do not get many around these parts so it was a nice surprise.

Hopefully July will warm up a bit as the month goes on. It was  much warmer than this on 3/07/1993 when John and I got married!