Friday, 12 September 2014


I grew the asters from seed and I am so pleased with them.

Monday, 8 September 2014

YSP at last.

We finally made it last Tuesday. The bus ran at the time we wanted and so we did not have to use the alternative route.

The two artists featured at the moment are Ursula von Rydingsvard and Ai Weiwei.

 Von Rydingsvard's sculptures constructed from cedarwood

or in this case stitched together pieces of the fourth stomach of a cow.  I loved them all.

Ai WeiWei's exhibition is being held in the newly renovated Chapel photography was not allowed

but this was the piece in the chapel grounds.

The cattle didn't mind having a photo taken

and Biddle and Gardener Bunny played on a swingy branch

which was not quite as near the lake as it looks!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Holiday week 2 ...

... was a bit unusual! We had planned a trip to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park but we were thwarted twice by the bus company who on Tuesday and Thursday  did not run the 10 03 or the 11 03 buses. The whole scenario was very strange as the driver drove into the bay to drop off the passengers on the Barnsley to Wakefield run (Wakefield is the terminus.) However did not pick up any Wakefield to Barnsley passengers but parked in the bus parking bay for half an hour, The buses at 10 35 11 35 do not go via YSP. I complained to the bus company but no reply. So I complained to Metro who oversee West Yorkshire Transport but they pass on complaint to.... the bus company. Oh well! So instead we found a local walk

On Wednesday we went to Malham. I had not been before.
We walked up the steps at the side to the limestone pavement at the top.
we sat and ate our lunch and looked at the wonderful view.

and  investigated the crevices

we then walked back down the steps which was much easy than the ascent.

Our final trip was to Manchester on Saturday.

 We had lunch at our favourite Chines restaurant. Watch the Manchester Pride Parade

We had coffee and cake at the Craft and Design centre and did a wee bit bit of shopping at Abakhan. I shall have to go back soon though as they were closing for four days for refurbishment and I am interested to see the new layout.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


This year we spent a lovely fews days in Gatehouse of Fleet.  On our first whole day we took our usual trip to the coast and the Cream o' Galloway.

The second day we took the bus to Castle Douglas and then walked the long way around to Threave Castle.

I did not fancy the ride in that little boat so we just looked from the "mainland". We walked along to the bird hide to hopefully see the Ospreys instead. There had been no sign of them all day but just as we were leaving a man said the male was sitting in a different tree. (Not the one with the nest.) We had a look through some powerful binoculars.

On our last whole day we walked to Loch Whinyeon.

Biddle thought he was at the top of the world.