Monday, 28 September 2015

I am not very good

at posting blog entries lately. I  think the novelty has warn off. Either that or it is more of a winter thing.
September has been a busy month. We missed Rushbearing this year as John was working but went to both weekends of The Saltaire Festival, the first weekend included the craft fair and the second the food stalls. Libby and Steve came and of course Jaco came to visit.

He had his 3rd birthday on Friday.

we saw lots of squirrels in the park and this one was very happy to pose.

On Tuesday John and I went to Golden Acre Park and Adel Dam Nature Reserve  for John's birthday. We had not been before. And we were not disappointed.

We spent quite a while in the bird hide in the nature reserve watching the birds on the bird table and feeders.

It was quite difficult to get good photographs as they grapped some seed and flew off. It was a great day and we will will definitely go there again.

The last Saturdayof the month was our annual visit to Yarndale
 We saw alpacas,
angora bunnies,

rare breeds of sheep
and I  bought several balls of yarn, one of Jackie Cardy's beautiful brooches, a bunny kit and a doll pattern. Cannot wait until next year.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Autumn is here

and we barely had a summer! This seems to be the norm for the last few years. if we had two warm days we were lucky this year. However we still enjoyed our holiday in Scotland.
 This included a trip  by bus to Stranraer and then another bus to Port Patrick. The journey ended with a mad dash to find the "facilities" which were not too far away.
 We had a lovely walk along the cliff tops and could look down on the seabirds
 or up.
We had our usual trip to the Cream of Galloway via the seashore
 and Biddle found a jelly fish
and did a bit of rock climbing.

On our second week we had a lovely day in Southport took loads of photographs and right at the end of the day the camera card messed up and I lost them all.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Birthday gifts

Today is my daughter’s birthday so I can now post what I have made recently
 purple bunting
and a butterfly and dragonfly wall hanging
The butterflies and dragonflies are appliqued

  The  background fabric is covered with  butterflies and I stitched around the one in the right hand corner with small running stitches to show it off.
I found some butterfly beads
and the hanging tabs are fixed with buttons.

I used my new stitch in the stitch foot and I was quite pleased with it. But I need a bit more practise to be proficient.

Monday, 3 August 2015

frogs and dogs

Back in the Spring we found  frogspawn in the allotment pond.

We were very excited and then a bit worried as the weather turned colder and we thought it might not survive.

But all was well and  it developed into tadpoles

And now we have baby frogs. I  saw them for the first time yesterday. They are not much bigger than a thumbnail. But boy can they jump!

Agrown up frog was keeping an eye on things. Oh and the dogs?

 Well one one dog really.

 He is such a lovely little chap.